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Dreams can be Fatal
Everyone has them but for only a few they come to reality
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10th-May-2008 08:29 pm - New journal
Ok, I'm so sorry that I tell you this so late
but I have a new journal. That's why I'm not on
this on anymore. Please add me if you want :


Thank you :3

9th-Aug-2007 08:45 pm - Pweaseee help me ;__;

Allright, I had a question =^.^= Does some one got really good make-up and hair
explanaition and pictures. Something like this one :  Itsuki. I would like to have
some bigger pictures tho cause the friend who want to test it on me can't really see
what he is suposse to do&& I'm also collecting these because I define them very
usefull whenever I'm bored, Tee~hee ^^ You would be a great help if you would
give me some links towards those pictues. I'll post the ones you gave me under a cut
here unless you don't want me to afcourse =^.^= That's your decision. I'm gonna
put the name of the artist or so under the cut so people won't send me them twice
Tee~hee. It's ok to whenever you made some turtoails yourself and want to
show them. I like some creative people who aren't afraid of what they made and
created ^^ I like to see some of your own style things and stuff =^.^= Tee~hee.
My friend will make pictures and whenever the pictures are good enough I will post
them here. Airgatou cutie Desu =^.^=

8th-Aug-2007 02:56 pm - Friends.Only

Welcome at my own personal livejournal =^.^= Layout credits goes to  ipetpigs.
I gave up the hope of making one myself and the layout I've orderd at  
doesn't want to download o___O Sooowell ^^ After the Poitrine layout I love this one the
most. As you can see this livejournal is Friends Only ^^ It never was Friends only but I
thought it would be better if it's gonna be friends only because I got a lot of Fakes these
last days o____O It creeps my out. Well, comment me if you want to be added to my
friends =^.^= [xx] Kissu Pwincess Tara





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